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  1. Lyntek says:

    hi there your new doula training sduons awesome. I trained with Deborah Pascal-Bonaro long ago for both birth and postpartum. My life took a different path, and am now licensed professional counselor specializing in the emotions of pregnancy and birth, such as anxiety and depression during pregnancy due to sexual abuse, and caring for postpartum mood disorders such as depression and OCD. I am also the developer of the BirthTouch training for birth professionals. I’ve been thinking about taking another training and I’ll look around your site.Congratulations and good luck to you!Namaste, Kathy

    • Turqui says:

      One of the things that hepeld me breastfeed my premie twins was nipple shields. They allowed the babes to latch on without a problem. I also pumped every 2 hours for 30 minutes right after the babes were born and that hepeld my milk come in in 24 hours. I am thankful that I did the pumping at first (as exhausting as it was) and that I used the nipple shield at the beginning because my babes and I now have a wonderful nursing relationship and a HUGE supply of milk!

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