creating a birth plan

Some mothers love the idea of having someone help them prepare for birth and they want to enjoy the benefits of prenatal birth appointments with a doula, but don’t necessarily want an extra person at their birth. While childbirth class gave them an overview of their options, some mothers prefer a private step by step consultation about birth plan options as it fits in with their personal values, fears, hopes, medical concerns, and expectations.

Birth plan visits are best done in your eighth month of pregnancy with the main person who will be supporting you at your labor. At our meeting, I will assess birth options with you and your partner for about two hours. Afterwards, I will design and draft a plan that is unique to your interests and circumstances and email it to for review. You can then check in with your doctor or midwife to get questions answered and concerns clarified and send me final notes. I will finalize a unique plan for you based both on our meeting and the notes from your doctor or midwife and email it to you.

I recommend doing a birth plan consultation as a package with a private breastfeeding class so that you can fully benefit from all that prenatal doula appointments have to offer.