I have a strong interest in making lactation and doula services available to as many women as possible. Upon your agreement, my billing service will submit bills to your insurance company to try to get the costs of my services covered so that there are minimal out of pocket costs to you.

The cost of lactation consultations, doula services and breastpumps are often 100% covered by PPO insurance. The following plans typically provide this coverage:

Anthem Blue Cross
Blue Shield
United Healthcare

If you are curious about your plan’s coverage, it’s best that we consult together with my insurance billing service to understand your coverage. Often, calling your insurance company directly will not give you accurate information.

For doula clients, the sooner in your pregnancy that you book my services, the greater chance that you will have minimal out of pocket costs. Services are billed to your insurance company on a per visit claim (not as a total doula package). Usually, the more visits, the more reimbursed, so the sooner you contract with me, the more financially advantageous. Often responses from the insurance company take a month or two. To ensure that you have coverage, I recommend that we submit your first claim prior to 30 weeks. Please don’t wait until the last minute to book me as your doula! Early birds wind up with the most savings!

For more answers about financial questions and PPO insurance or to book a lactation appointment or doula services, please contact me directly at 323-595-4006 or email your questions to



For moms without health insurance seeking lactation help or doula services, please inquire about sliding scale options and payment plans by calling 323-595-4006.