Time and again, the most sacred of all events in a woman’s life – pregnancy, birth and new motherhood – are deeply etched into the core of a woman’s being. It is a period of great celebration and profound reflection as she prepares to bring new life into her world. At times, it can also be worrisome as challenges arise. My work as a doula is to support you through these remarkable, unique times, however they present themselves.

Traditionally, midwives and doulas have served mothers as healers and wisewomen in their villages. Their role in the community was to assist their neighbors with the passages through the portals of life – birth, wellness, illness and death. Today midwives and doulas mainly attend women around birth, but the scope of our practice often includes postpartum carelactation education, nutritional counseling, and grief support. Many are also community leaders whose vision manifests projects that champion and advocate for women-centered health care.

As a birth services provider, I hold the space for a woman to bring forth her genuine creativity, self-trust and power during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I feel honored as a birth doula to witness a private and intimate time in a woman’s life where the honing of her intuition and gathering of love around her is essential.

Please let me know how I can be of service to you and your family at this special time.