postpartum doula

This is a photo of me with my nephew soon after he was born.

A postpartum doula is a knowledgeable caregiver for the new mother. Postpartum doulas “mother the mother” by helping with breastfeeding, infant care (bathing, swaddling, using a sling, twins), vaginal and cesarean recovery, postpartum blues, infant bonding, errands, sibling care, and watching the baby while the mom showers or naps. What I’ve found is that a mother who uses a postpartum doula for the first weeks after her baby is born has reduced incidents of sleep deprivation, depression, and nursing problems. Typically, with the gentle guidance of a postpartum doula, the baby’s weight gain is healthy and on target, and families feel more informed and confident with their newborn.

I work as a team with junior doulas who are able to implement my lactation recommendations and are fully trained in babycare and CPR. Typically, I attend part of the first session or two to set up a postpartum care plan that the junior doulas stay to help implement. Afterward, I oversee and supervise the process. Parents save on fees but still get the expertise they are seeking. My postpartum doula packages are for the first one to three weeks after birth only so that the family can become autonomous and get off to a wonderful, rested start. If additional assistance is needed past the early postpartum period, I can provide baby nurse recommendations.

My postpartum doula package is in 10 hour increments. Each package will consist of a non-refundable deposit with the balance being covered by your insurance.