• CLASS: Finding Your Parenting Style 7/20

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    parenting style

    Experts tell us that there are four main parenting styles. What kind of parent will you be? What kind will your partner be? Have you both come from similar backgrounds and have similar goals for your children? What happens if one parent thinks there is only one right way to do it? How do we know what will create the best outcome? What if my best outcome is different from yours?






    Join us and learn
    • how to navigate parenting for the whole family
    • how setting limits affect long term child outcomes
    • how the way you treat your baby affects how much they share with you as teenagers
    • how choices in feeding and sleep routines influence your child’s sense of confidence
    • how to not get caught up in the “best” way but instead find “your way”

    Occurring quarterly starting
    Sunday, July 20th, 1pm-4pm
    $85 per couple
    register online at: birthsanctuary.com/events

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